As you know, the UK is experiencing abnormally high energy prices.

We are doing all that we can to keep our prices low, but we now have to change our tariffs to cover these higher costs. In order to do this we are ending our subscriptions for a period of time and introducing day/night tariffs.

To give you more control of your charging costs in the future, we have introduced what we think is a better tariff structure. 


Our new rates (includes 20% VAT)

  • Night - applies from midnight to 7am - 29p/kWh

  • Day - applies from 7am to midnight - 65p/kWh

All customers have been automatically changed over to our TRUE PAYG system. If you had a subscription going into December 2022 then that will have been your last, so that you will also benefit from the day/night tariffs.

If you were already a TRUE PAYG customer with then you have benefited from the day/night tariffs immediately from the 1st December.

Read the full statement here

If you still have any questions about billing then please contact us on 0800 086 9606 (Option 2).