Everytime you charge with Char.gy you will be billed as soon as your charging session has finished. 

Your invoice will show a breakdown of your charging session according to the time of day that you charged 

eg if some of your charging took place between midnight and 7am that part will be shown as the night rate, and anything between 7am and midnight will be displayed at the day rate.

Please see examples below:

EXAMPLE 1 DAY RATE and NIGHT RATE:  Start charge at 10pm and finish charging at 5am, on a 5kWh Charge Point.

Line one will show 2 hours on the day rate from 10pm to midnight (2 x 5 kWh) = 10kWh x 65p = £6.50

Line two will show 5 hours on the night rate from midnight to 5am (5 x 5 kWh) = 25kWh x 29p = £7.25

Total = £13.75

Your bill be a combination of the two different tariffs. 

EXAMPLE 2 DAY RATE TARIFF: Start a charge at 8am and finish charging at 3pm, on a 5kWh Charge Point.

Your invoice will just show the one tariff of 7 hours on the day rate (7 x 5kWh) = 35 kWh x 65p = £22.75

Please see our new rates below:

From 1st Dec 2022 (includes 20% VAT)

  • Night - applies from midnight to 7am - 29p/kWh

  • Day - applies from 7am to midnight - 65p/kWh