Once you have set up an account with us please follow these steps to set up a payment method:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your account on www.char.gy*. (If you are using the Char.gy App then click Account and then Edit Profile follow steps 2-5.)
  2. On the 'My Account' page or dropdown menu, select Payment Methods as shown in the image below. Or click the direct link here: https://char.gy/account/payment_methods
  3. Add the required personal and card details.
  4. After you’ve added the details, click Save or Confirm Payment Details.
  5. Click Done once you’ve finished.

You may need to logout and back in to your char.gy account to see these changes reflected in your account. 


To ensure a smooth charging experience for yourself please make sure that the card stored on your account is the card you want to pay with and that there are sufficient funds in your bank account before your charging session starts. 

Tip: You can always come back and change or delete options, by following the same steps. If you are struggling to add a payment method, please contact us by emailing support@char.gy or calling us on 0800 086 9006 (Option 2).