To find an available Charge Point on the website, select Find a Charge Point at the top and then you can either enter in a specific post code, town or the specific charge point number ( ID) in the bar tab provided. Alternatively you can use this link here. If the charge point is available for use then it will show on the map as GREEN, if it is currently in use by another driver then the charge point will show up as BLUE. If the charge point is GREY is means that is not available to use, most likely due to a fault that we are aware of.

Please make sure you have accepted cookies on your browser, and then by clicking on a Green Charge Point you will get the option to Charge at the Charge Point or to Navigate here with Google Maps. 

Please use the link below to navigate to the map of charge points:

To find an available Charge Point on the App, you can search by a specific Charge Point number ( ID) or by using the List View or Map View to find Charge Points nearby (please make sure that your Location Services are turned on in your phone settings).

Click here for iOS and here for Android app download links.

When you use charge points please make sure you abide by any local parking restrictions.

If you still need help with this then you can call our support team on 0800 086 9606.