Whether you’re an experienced EV driver or it is a whole new world for you, we want to ensure that your experience with char.gy is as easy and efficient as possible. To do that, please read through our introductory guide to charging with us below. If you have any questions at all then please use the contact details at the end of the guide.

  1. Charge with us via our char.gy app or via your browser:

We would recommend that you download our app! Click HERE for iOS devices or HERE for Android devices. You can also go ahead and charge with us using your web browser simply by entering the URL www.char.gy or, on certain charge points, by scanning the QR code which will open up the relevant charge point page.

  1. Register and pay using a char.gy account or charge as a guest using Apple or Google Pay:

For the best experience, we would recommend that you register for an account with us and pay for your charging sessions via the payment card you register; by doing this you will be able to access your charging history via your account, there will be no pre-authorisation charge and you'll also receive a VAT invoice after each charging session. The price of charging per kWh will be displayed on the charge point page.

To create an account via the Char.gy website on your web browser please click on Login and then click the Not yet registered? Click here to create an account button. Alternatively you can click the direct link here. 

In order to create an account via the Char.gy app, click Account then Sign in or Register then Register and the page will open in your web browser. Again alternatively you can click the direct link here.

The Create an account page will look like this:


You will then receive an email to verify your new account. Once verified, please add a Debit or Credit card to your account to pay for your charging sessions. To do this please follow this guide linked here or the following steps when logged in to your char.gy account:

On the 'My Account' page (or dropdown menu in the top right corner) select Payment Methods and then Add the required personal and card details. After you’ve added the details, click Save or Confirm Payment Details and then Done once you’ve finished. You may need to logout and back into your char.gy account to see these changes reflected in your account. 

Alternatively you can skip this step and use Char.gy charge points without setting up an account by using Apple or Google Pay and facilitating a £40 pre-authorisation charge. Please make sure that you already have Apple or Google Pay set up on your device. After choosing to pay via Apple or Google Pay when starting your charge (see below) we will ask you to accept our terms of service and privacy policy before allowing you to proceed. You can find those here and here respectively. If your charging session will be more than £40 then you will be required to pre-authorise another £40 payment. Once your charging session has finished our system will automatically refund you any remaining balance from your pre-authorised payment(s) but please note this may take 5-10 working days to reappear on your card, depending on your bank. For further information on charging as a guest please use this guide linked here.

  1. Choose your charge point and start your charge!

To find an available Char.gy Charge Point on the Char.gy App, you can search by a specific Charge Point number (Char.gy ID) or by using the List View or Map View to find Charge Points nearby (please make sure that your Location Services are turned on in your phone settings). When using a charge point please make sure to abide by any local parking restrictions which you will find displayed locally and listed on the charge point page. 

If the charge point is available for use then it will show on the map as GREEN, if it is currently in use by another driver then the charge point will show up as BLUE. If the charge point is GREY it means that it is not available to use, most likely due to a temporary fault that we are aware of. If you’re physically at a charge point then the charge point ID can be found on the top of the charge point. Some char.gy charge points also have specific char.gy QR codes which will take you straight to the relevant charge point page when scanned. The current charging price will show under the details for that charge point.

Once you have selected a charge point you will see the relevant details and the option to ChargeTo start a charging session press Charge and then, once prompted, fully insert your charging cable into the charge point (and your car). You may then need to confirm your payment method (either your stored payment card or Apple/Google Pay) and then your charging session will start immediately.

Please see the image below for a visual guide on finding a charge point and starting a charge on the char.gy app:

To find an available Char.gy charge point on our website, select Find a Charge Point from the top menu and then enter a postcode, town or the specific charge point number (Char.gy ID) in the bar tab provided.

Please make sure you have accepted cookies on your browser, and then by clicking on a Green Charge Point you will get the option to Charge at the Charge Point or to Navigate here with Google Maps. To start a charging session press Start Charge and then, once prompted, fully insert your charging cable into the charge point (and your car). You may then need to confirm your payment method and then your charging session will start immediately.

Please see the image below for a visual guide on finding a charge point and starting a charge using your browser:

Your charging session will end when you press ‘Finish’ on the charge point page, when you stop via your vehicle or if stopped by your car settings (such as reaching the set battery level or scheduled end charge time).

For further help guides please see our online Help Centre linked here.

Happy charging! If you need any support please try the following:

  • Search for the answer on our online Help Centre.

  • If you have any immediate issues whilst at a charge point then please call our 24/7 support line on 0800 086 9606 (Option 1)

  • If you have any issues with your account and/or general queries then please email us on support@char.gy or call us on 0800 086 9606 (Option 2) between 9am-5.30pm Monday - Fridays.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service so if you have any feedback please do contact us on support@char.gy.