We are delighted to announce that almost 1,000 charge points in the ubitricity network in Richmond and Wandsworth will soon be transferred to the char.gy network. This transition will begin from the middle of April 2024.

We will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the designated charge points previously managed by ubitricity. Our close collaboration with them and the councils will ensure uninterrupted charge point access for EV drivers in Richmond and Wandsworth.

These charge points will be available on the char.gy app and browser in the same way as our char.gy charge points and their IDs will begin with an 8. The price for using these charge points will be shown on their relevant charge point page. The methods of starting and stopping a charge will be the same and you will not require any different equipment to use them.

For more information on how to charge using these charge points please see below or you can download the guide attached beneath.Ubitricity Charge Point (CP) User Guide:

The Simple Socket Chelsea offers the end user two possible methods to start a transaction: either via scanning the QR code or via Mobile App. The charge point does not have an RFID reader or a card payment terminal. The duration of a charging session depends on two factors: the maximum charging power (kW) and the battery capacity (kWh). Charging can be stopped at any time.


To start a charging session:

  • Park next to an available charge point. A blue LED light on the charge point will indicate that it is available. 
  • Start the charging session either via QR code or mobile application. 
  • Plug a standard type 2 charging cable into the charge point socket and into the car.
  • The LED light will start to flash orange for a few seconds and then change to a solid orange. 
  • Authorise a payment or provide payment details if necessary. 
  • When the charging process starts, the LED light will flash green. Please note that the charging session will not start if the car is unlocked.


To finish a charging session:

  • Stop the charging session on the Mobile App or via the car then unplug the cable from the car. 
  • Wait until the Simple Socket’s LED light is orange. 
  • The plug at the charge point is now unlocked and can be pulled out. 


LED light colour key:


Blue = CP available for charging.

Orange (solid) = Cable is plugged in and CP is waiting for authorisation

Orange (flashing) = Cable is plugged in and CP is trying to establish online connection

Green (solid) = Connection is established but charging has not yet started

Green (flashing) = Charging is in progress

Red (after flashing orange) = The CP couldn’t establish connection. Unplug and try again.
Red (after payment details accepted) = The CP could not lock the cable securely. Check if the cable is fully plugged in.

Red during charging session = There is a potential issue with the power supply and the car charging settings need to be checked.

Black = CP switched off for maintenance.