When you charge with us as a Guest and use Apple or Google Pay we reserve £40 from your bank card as a holding fee in order to start a charging session. If your usage exceeds £40 then a second £40 pre-authorisation charge will be made on your card to ensure your charging session is paid in full.

When you've finished your charging session, we calculate the cost of the total kWh you've used and then refund you any remaining balance (so you only pay for what you've used). We release the balance immediately however it can take 5-10 working days to be refunded into your account. If the refund is not cleared within 10 days, please contact your bank directly.

Instead of using Apple/Google Pay to charge as a Guest you can add a payment card to your char.gy account and pay for your charging sessions this way instead. By doing this you will pay for the amount you use at the end of your charging session (rather than pre-authorising a charge and then any waiting on a refund once your session has finished). If you'd like to do this please add a payment card to your char.gy account by logging in and going to Payment Methods and then Add (or via the direct link below).

If you need help setting up a char.gy account then please use the following help guide:

How to set up an account with Char.gy

If you still have any questions regarding billing then you can email us on support@char.gy or call us on 0800 086 9606 (Option 2).