1. In order to start a charge with char.gy, please visit the charging page for the charge point you're using. This can be done in two different ways:

    • By visiting https://char.gy/start and entering the charge point ID. Press Use charge point and you will be taken to the correct page.
    • Alternatively you can visit the charging page directly by adding the charge point ID at the end of the char.gy URL. For example, to start charging on charge point 00035 you would visit https://char.gy/00035

  2. Once you're on the charging page, you will either need to login if you have an active subscription or authorize a charge using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Please refer to our guides on signing up or using Apple/Google pay.
  3. After either logging in with a valid subscription or authorizing a charge with Apple/Google pay you should see a message prompting you to Plug in cable. At this point, plug the cable into the charge point.
  4. If all goes well, the charging page will now say Preparing and ask you to Please plug the cable into your car. Plug the cable into your car. At this point it's extremely important to remain on the charging page. Do not close the website. Please wait until the charging page says Charging along with how many kWhs you've currently used. Until you see this the car is not charging.
  5. When you are ready to finish charging please click the Finish charging and release cable button followed by Yes - finish the charge. The charge should finish and the cable should unlock. If the cable does not unlock, please refer to I can't remove the cable from the charge point.