This of course depends on which model of electric vehicle you're charging, how empty your battery is and the speed of the charge point. currently offer three different types of charge point:

  1. Charge point attached to the lamppost (rated up to ~7kW*)
  2. 1-phase bollard style charge point (rated up to ~7kW*)
  3. 3-phase bollard style charge point (rated up to ~22kW*) 

If you have a 24kWh battery in your car that is half empty, it would take approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes on a 7kW charge point to charge the battery to 100%. This is assuming that roughly 20kWh of that battery is usable. Please refer to What is meant by usable battery capacity? for more information.

In order to find out the speed of the charge point you're using, look out for the speed indicator close to the top of the charge point page or on the map.

Charge point page:






*speeds may vary depending on if the charge point is using power from the lamppost or one nearby.