At we consider public safety a top priority and bearing in mind the existing legislation when placing the cable from the charge point to your vehicle.

Please follow these steps below to ensure your safely and those of others:

  • Vehicles should be parked as close to the charge point as possible. Where a vehicle cannot be parked immediately next to the charge point, the cable should be run along the road channel against the pavement. 
  • The recommended maximum distance from the charge point to your vehicle is 10 metres (approximately 2 car lengths).
  • The cable should not cross over from one side of the road to the other, therefore your vehicle should always be parked on the same side of the charge point.
  • Any vehicle parked must always adhere to any local parking restrictions that may be in place and should not obstruct the walkway.
  • Cables should be laid flat and should never be hung from any street furniture including lamp posts or trees.
  • The cable should always be removed once you have finished charging to eliminate any risks of damage to the cable and safety of others.

It is the drivers responsibility to ensure that the cable does not cause any danger or a nuisance to the public.