If your vehicle enables you to schedule a charge at a specific time then our charge points have the technology to support this action. The best way to schedule a charge is through your in-screen display in your vehicle or using your vehicle App. You'll need to set up the schedule you want within your vehicle system and then plug in to our charge points and start a charge as normal with us via our app or browser - your charging session will then suspend until your scheduled start time and then suspend again at your scheduled finish time (or before if the battery is full).

As with all char.gy charging sessions please adhere to any parking restrictions that are displayed locally and please be courteous to other drivers who may need to use the charge points.

If you need any support with scheduling then we suggest you contact your car manufacturer directly or alternatively use google or YouTube and search for your make and model of car. Please note that you cannot currently set up a charging schedule within your char.gy app and instead it needs to be done via your vehicle as described above.

If you need any further support with charging please contact our 24/7 helpline on 0800 086 9606 (Option 1) or email support@char.gy.