There have been reports of scam QR codes being put on some public devices such as charge points and parking meters so we advise you to please be diligent when using ours. Our QR codes affixed onto our charge points on show the logo within the QR code image and will open to the specific charge point page (within the app or on the web browser if you don't yet have the app installed). 

What to do if you spot a scam QR code? If you scan one and it takes you to a page that isn't the charge point number listed on the column then please contact our team on or call 0800 086 9606, and tell us which Charge Point is affected. We will send a Field Service agent to investigate. 

Please also report the site to the National Cyber Sercurity Centre so they can take steps to block the code:

See image below of a charge point with a QR code sticker, within which there is a logo and the relevant charge point number.