Sometimes a charge point goes 'out of comms' which means the charge point can't currently connect to our Central System (backend) and therefore can't send or receive instructions. The communication between the charge point and your car may be absolutely fine and it may still be charging your car.

You don't need to do anything as the information stored within the charge point will be accurate so once the charge point is re-connected you will only ever pay for the power your car actually receives whilst connected (whether actively charging or not).

If you want to manually end your charging session in order to leave the charge point (and find that you're unable to do this on the app or browser due to the charge point being out of communication) then you can do this via your car computer.

The charge points can go out of comms for a variety of reasons and usually it is a temporary drop in connection due to something affecting the signal locally and it will resolve itself quickly. We are aware of when our charge points go out of communication and we have a dedicated team to get them back online as quickly as possible.

If you notice a charge point is out of communication and/or you would like an update on the status of a specific charge point then please email us on