If you're having trouble removing your cable from the charge point, please try the following steps. 


  1. Visit the charging page on your browser or the App for the charge point you're currently plugged into and be sure to press the Finish charging and release cable button. Please be aware this can take up to 60 seconds if the mobile coverage in the area is poor. If this button is not visible and the page says Finishing or Finished then move on to the next step.
  2. If you're confident your charge has completed but your cable is still locked into the charge point, please use your car key fob or your car computer to unlock your car and remove the cable from your car. In most cases this will instruct the charge point to release your cable.
  3. If your cable is still locked in at this point then it's possible that your charge never started. If the charging page says Preparing then plug the cable back into your car to try and start a charge. Please remain on this page until the charge begins. If the charge doesn't start, please refer to the relevant guide for you linked here - Starting and Finishing a Charge Using your Browser or Using the App.

If you still need help then please contact our 24/7 support team on 0800 086 9606 (Option 1).

Please do not leave your cable unattended when unlocked from your car and/or the charge point. Char.gy can take no responsibility for lost or stolen cables.