We understand it can be incredibly frustrating if you've returned to your car and discovered that it hasn't been charging. However there is usually a simple explanation for this.

1. You closed the website too early

The char.gy service relies on an instruction from your web browser to start a charge. If you closed the website or your browser before seeing Charging on the charging page then it's highly likely that this is the reason it didn't start a charge. Please see Starting and finishing a charge.

2. You're on the wrong charging page

Each charge point has an ID. Please ensure you're on the correct charging page for your charge point by reading the ID on the top of the charge point and comparing it to the ID at the end of the website URL. For help on finding the charge point ID please refer this page on our website. Compare the URL on the top of the charge point to the URL in your browser and ensure they are the same.

3. The charge point is out of communication

The charge points use a mobile signal just like our phones. If that signal drops out then your charge may not start, no matter how long you stay on the charging page. You can check if a charge point is unavailable before plugging in by checking the status at the top of the charging page. Unfortunately if this is the case, you'll need to find a different charge point close by.

4. The charge point is faulty or there is a system failure

Even if a charge point says it's available, there are still times when there is an internal fault or a software failure. Please check the LEDs underneath the charge point and report this to our support team on 0800 086 9606 or through the online help button.

5. The charge point is suspended

This simply means the charge point has lost network connect but will be up and running as soon as it reconnects to the network. Your charge will automatic restart.